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Can I Track That in Google Events?

People get excited when they see the power of website analytics. The data you get from analytics can be used to optimize your website for higher conversion. Having a higher conversion rate, of course, generally means more money for you. Woo hoo! The biggest question is, “Can I Track That in Google Events?”

Once you understand this connection, you’ll want to know how much useful data you can gather. What kinds of events can be tracked in Google Events (a way to track the actions that people take on a website)? Do you have any options here?

What can Google Events track?

Just about any action that can be taken on a website can be tracked in Google Events. Although not every option is available by default (accessing some options requires custom programming or specialized plug-ins), you can track:

  • Clicks – Clicks are actually the easiest thing to track. Any time someone clicks something they are taking a deliberate action that can be tracked, measured and analyzed.
  • Scrolling – To get insight into where the burnout point is, you can track how far down the page the visitor scrolled. Are you losing them after paragraph #2, so that they never even see the “buy now” button at the bottom of the page?
  • Downloads – If you’re selling or giving away content, it’s nice to know how successful this content is. Once a visitor comes to your site, Google Events can be used to follow that user from arrival to click to download. This data can then be tied in to your CRM (customer relationship management) program to track that person all the way through to the sale.
  • Video plays – Which videos are getting watched? How many seconds or minutes of these videos are being watched? Are they watching the entire video or quickly clicking away?

How do I get event tracking set up?

The bad news is, setting things up directly in Google Analytics is a technically complex process that generally requires some JavaScript or HTML knowledge, and the ability to edit code on your site.

The good news is, for those of us who aren’t coding wizards, there’s Click Ranger Pro.

Click Ranger Pro is a WordPress plugin with a “point and click” interface that makes it easy for you to track clicks, downloads and all other user events on your website. Even things that must be set up manually in Google Analytics (such as tracking which of three “BUY NOW” buttons on a page a person clicked to get to the shopping cart) can be set up in just minutes with Click Ranger Pro.

Get Click Ranger Pro

Clark RangerClick Ranger Pro makes it easy to user Google Analytics to track user events, such as clicks and downloads, on your WordPress website.