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It's with a heavy heart that we announce the sunsetting of Click Ranger Pro. Currently, there is no path forward for development due to changes in the way Google Analytics is accepting Events in the new version 4 API. As such we will not be accepting any additional sales of subscriptions to Click Ranger Pro.

For our existing subscribers, we're committed to supporting Click Ranger Pro and continuing to provide updates where possible for as long as version 3 of Google Analytics API is available for use. You'll be able to login here to access your account.

Effective immediately, all affiliate sales are suspended as well and any outstanding affiliate commissions will be honored.

We want to thank our existing users and look forward to seeing the future of Event tracking emerge.


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Affiliate Dashboard

Welcome to your affiliate dashboard. Here you can get your unique affiliate link to promote Click Ranger Pro. In addition, you can update your affiliate profile so that we can deliver your affiliate payments. Please note that we only deliver funds through Paypal at this time.

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