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Click Ranger Pro is a plugin designed to help website owners easily create events and connect them to their Google Analytics. More and more of our work focuses on empowering website owners to make the most out of their existing sites. They need to understand how their sites are performing, and they need some easier tools to do it.

When developing any site, the primary focus should be achieving the goal of the website. Each page of the site will typically have their own specific goal(s). The call to action (CTA) is often the most important part of any page. With Click Ranger Pro, easily create an event that ties into your Google Analytics and see if your CTAs are reaching their goals.

Google Analytics and You

Google Analytics is a great tool for understanding how users are engaging with your website. However, because of the volume of information it can be like sipping from a fire hose. With Click Ranger Pro we provide a tool that allows for incredibly easy Google Event set up. We follow that up with an incredibly focused view of that event so you can make highly informed changes to your CTAs.

One of the biggest mistakes we commonly see website owner make is implementing sweeping changes to sites based on guesswork alone. Click Ranger Pro helps provide focused data so you can make informed and targeted changes on your website.

The Pixel Jar Connection

Click Ranger Pro is a project developed by Pixel Jar. We’re a small agency that specializes in WordPress website development. Most of our clients are larger companies transitioning from merely having a web presence to optimizing that web presence for the highest returns.

We developed Click Ranger Pro so our clients could easily create tracking events that provide immediate feedback. Now they make informed decisions when optimizing their site … and now you can too.

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